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Project Overview

Our client, one of the top 10 global brand for computer manufacturer is a multinational corporation that manufactures computer equipments, desktops, laptops, mobile phones networking equipments, multimedia products and more. The Content Hub Software helps the company to show their assets in digital platform. The application becomes a place to look for complete information, to learn and to discover for the company target audience.

The online marketing trend today is becoming more competitive by the hour. Companies need to survive by winning over more customers and retain the existing ones. A great content will show off the unique voice of the brand and demonstrate how customers can improve their lives with the  company’s products.

Our client asked WGS to develop a system of centralized content into a one-stop shopping for web visitors. Visitors can view videos, social media content, documents, or many other things they need to know about the company products.

WGS developed the web based application on top of Wordpress 4.2.2 and  PHP 5.4.x. The application will run on top of a Cent OS, Apache webserver, and MySQL database. On the front-end we will use WP theme.

The application contains two main pages which every pages devided into sections, as follows:

  1. Landing Page
  1. Product Features
    Visitors can view the product feature which all products have two available buttons to direct visitors to product detail page. Visitors can also hide the content in this section since the product feature is collapseable.
  2. Passion Points
    Passion points section is where visitors can view the message of the product which will be navigated by an icon with each unique passion points. This section is manageable by the admin.
  3. Content Listing
    Visitors can view all articles list on the site and filter articles in the filter section.
  4. Social Media Tagboard
    Visitors can view all product posts from social media account with one particular hashtag at any given time that is managed by the admin. The post section refreshes every 5 minutes.


  1. Detail Page

This page displays the content in detail which can be accessed from the landing page in content listing section.

  1. Product Section
    This section refers to landing page.
  2. Article Detail
    Visitors can view articles with detail information such as images/videos, image list and article details.
  3. Similar Content
    This section contains contents with the same category and/or have the same tags.

Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:

  1. Product selector
    Visitors can products in this section product result.
  2. Product detail
    This feature contains more detailed information for products, such as product name, specification, image gallery, video, comment and review from registered user.
  3. Store locator
    Visitors can acess this page from the where to buy button and filter the store locator by clicking the map.

There is admin with role in the application, as follows:

  1. Admin can manage users and give permission for each users to use the application.
  2. Admin manages product category.
  3. Admin manages product specification where he can add/remove and edit product from the backend.
  4. Admin manages market/language, passion points, contents, gallery, slider, product feature, articles, social media, social media aggregator, link, and also UI language.


Business Issue

A company needs an application which deliver a content experience to gain far-reaching engagement from the target audience to win a spot in the business competition.

Business Solution

Content Hub system helps marketing operation with a good tools to generate more traffic to foster engagement and increase the product sales.

Lesson Learned

The application is one centralized hub which strategically organized to leverage content and deliver a better experience for customers.


Company can shape its brand with original content to stay connected with the audience and offers valuable resources to work building trust and strengthening relationships with the target market by using a content hub.


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