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Batch Reengineering on EOD Credit Check Application

Solution: Operations
Industry: Banking & Finance
Company: Private in Indonesia

Our client one of the biggest car and heavy equipment financing company in Indonesia need help with optimizing their operational financial software. The existing app is used at the end of the day to perform credit check for billing to help with total bill from all over Indonesia. The app helps with all type of their credit process and processing all of these credit checks are very time consuming, as it takes around 10 hours.

We are taking the high risk request working to improve the function of their existing app using PHP with CakePHP as framework. After 2 months of work we’re able to batch reengineer the app, delivering a fully functional app cutting the processing time from around 10 hours into 4 hours.

Work Description:

EOD Sales + EOD Ready

  • Create process log
  • Create process time log
  • Create success criteria and error solution

EOD Cashier + Cashier Recap

  • Create process log
  • Create process time log
  • Create success criteria and error solution
  • Automated folder creation when folder was not found (insert error log)
  • Create Balance History by branch by day by bank book


  • Create dictionary on process detail and error log (Continue / Stop)
  • Create success criteria and error solution ASCII TAG (3 Proc and 2 Magic Application)
  • Create doc for tunning ASCII TAG
  • Create success criteria and error solution
  • Combined time log between proc and magic
  • Combined process log between proc and magic
  • Monitoring > EOD Sales
  • Monitoring > EOD Ready
  • Monitoring > Cashier Closing
  • Monitoring > EOD RO
  • Monitoring > Ascii TAG
  • Dashboard > EOD RO
  • Utility System > Manual Execution > EOD RO
  • Utility System > Query Data
  • Utility System > Proc and Func
  • Log Error > EOD RO
  • Setting > Entry Criteria > EOD RO User management
  • User Master Data
  • User Group
  • User Role
  • User Authentication
  • Report

Technical Specification:

  • Framework
  • - CakePHP
  • Programming Language
  • - PHP

  • Business Issue: One of the biggest car and heavy equipment financing company in Indonesia needs help to optimize their billing credit check application that handle data from all over Indonesia.
  • Business Solution: We’re researching the current application and providing a fixation proposal plan that we both agreed with, this is a high risk move and we’re doing what we can to help.
  • Benefits: The application has been optimized, cutting their processing time from 10 hours into 4 hours, saving our client quite a lot of operational cost in the long run.
  • Lesson Learned: Working on batch reengineering especially for financial services industry take a very high concentration and care, it’s a very high risk but rewarding job.

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