Internal Banking: Bank Customers Blacklist

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One of the national commercial banks in Indonesia requires internal application to filter the data of existing and prospective customers who have poor financial records. The number of financial activities in Indonesian banks makes the Bank (our client) should be more careful and thorough in filtering data for existing and prospective customers who filed for account and check. Some prospective customers may have financial records that are not so good, some were very bad, so there should be a black list that serves to record their data.

The 1st information obtained from Bank Indonesia as the central bank, which provides information about the checks and accounts from the blacklisted customers. This information is used as a reference for the Commercial Bank if there is customer who filed for check and account.

2nd information obtained from the Commercial Bank’s customer itself who had been violating the check and account-related transactions. To facilitate in filtering out the customer data, WGS developed a web application that contains information about both existing and prospective customers from Bank Indonesia and the Bank’s own data. This application can sort the customers based on various parameters which will determine whether the customer can file a financial service or is being rejected.

Some of the application features:

  • Input customer data including customer details, references, and data of reporting banks
  • Categorization of financial services checks, demand deposits, slips, or credit
  • Parameter of customer rejection The various reasons why these customers get into the blacklist, including supporting documents.
  • List of rehabilitation clients To record the customer's time in the blacklist within specified period.
  • Etc.

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  • Business Issue

    A commercial Bank in Indonesia wanted to sort out their existing and prospective customers’ financial record by a blacklisting application

  • Business Solution

    WGS developed a web application that allows the Bank to sort out customer’s data within specific parameter and include the supporting documents and information from the central bank and from the Bank’s own data.

  • Lesson Learned

    The Blacklist Web Application supports the Bank’s internal database and makes it easier for Banks to sort out their customers, and maintain financial records.

  • Benefits

    Bank using this application will found it easy to sort ot their existing and prospective customers through their financial records, put the bad ones on the blacklist including time period and supporting documents. The Bank would be easier to check the financial activities, avoid bad credits, and approving good transactions that can support the Bank’s health.