Komatsu: Web & Mobile App Solution For Heavy Machine Troubleshooting




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Project Overview

Our client Komatsu is a global leading brand company of heavy equipments wanted to improve their marketing and support division. Considering there are so many equipments from the company that scattered in different cities and areas, they put a lot of effort to keep their clients satisfied with a good effective support & troubleshooting. Their troubleshooting team could work easier with a mobile app, so every individual can performs routine checking & troubleshoot properly.

The software features:
Mobile App

1. Mobile app to take pictures
2. API to databases
3. SMS gateway to send notification to troubleshooting staff, when they forgot to synchronize data in more than 1 week.
4. Notifications feature in the scheduler.
5. Image resizing to minimize the image size & stabilize the mobile app
6. All features can be accessed offline except for data synchronization Web App
1. Web application for admin and staff roles (users)
2. Admin manage the data needed for troubleshooting
3. Admin approve and decline the job done by mechanics submitted in mobile app,
4. Data filter, and sync based on the consumer’s name, location, unit condition, distributor branch, and mechanic’s name.

Business Issue

One of the largest manufacturer of heavy equipment in Indonesia, wanted to improve their marketing and support division by checking the troubleshooting of equipment in the working field.

Business Solution

WGS developed a mobile and web application to help the company check the equipments in the field, troubleshooting, and data maintenance

Lesson Learned

The Troubleshooting Check Up app could monitor the utilization of equipments any locations, maintain the data and make the maintenance process become easier.


Companies using this application will found it easy in troubleshooting and tracking equipments in various locations which was maintained by the staffs in field.


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