Access Gateway App. for Public Wi-Fi & IP Camera

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Telecommunication Services

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It is unimaginable to live a day without internet access today. A business operation needs internet access to stay in contact, collaborate and work with partners from around the world. The internet access also performs many functions and gives advantages for the workflow in the company.

Our client is a leading telecommunication infrastructure provider in Indonesia who runs two business segments; leasing of telecommunication tower infrastructure (macro and micro) and leasing of fiber optic and / or transmission network infrastructure. They asked WGS to help them build a wireless internet access gateway with digital contents (IP Enabled Camera and Speedtest) inside the application. Users  such as public or local residents will get free data connection when they download the application but when they uninstall it the connection will be disconnected.
Some of the interesting features from the back-end and mobile application are:


  1. Static Page Management
    This page has its own route which is arranged from the back-end application, and used as a one page microsite promo which can be accessed from the push notification or banner. Admin can manage pages in the application by using WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor or HTML tag. 
  2. Login
    User can login by click the ‘login’ button with the correct email and password.
  3. Dashboard
    This feature displays user chart and statistic and also the navigation menu. 
  4. User management
    In this menu, user can view list of users which has registered in the application, while admin can manage user data including filtering on the specific user, and also export data into csv format.
  5. Role management
    This page is accessible for admin. The page displays the application role data, and the admin can manage access for every roles in this application.
  6. Banner management
    This page is accessible for admin where he can manage banner data for news and event which will be displays on this page.
  7. Bandwidth (RADIUS Integration)
    Admin can manage maximum speed for every users which has automatically registered to RADIUS server.
  8. IP Enabled Camera management and integration
    The application displays the registered IP Enabled Camera in this page. User will receive email notification about activation information. With mobile app, user can search specific IP Enabled Camera in the search box and click on ‘See More’ to view all IP Enabled Camera that are running at that time.
  9. Speed test
    Admin can check the network speed here.
  10. User Activity Log
    Admin can view all his activities (named Activity Log) that automatically generated by the system with icon description and timestamp action, and download the data which can be exported into csv format. 
  11. Push notification
    Admin can make push notification for all users that is connected to the hotspot network.


  1. Splash
    User will be directed to the landing page at the first login.
  2. Login 
    User can login by using their social media credentials such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. 
  3. IP Enabled Camera
    This page displays registered IP Enabled Camera streaming services sort based on the user nearest location. The page is also displays camera detail information and provide access for user to add and delete camera with Favourite function for easier navigation.
  4.  Homepage
    Users who has downloaded the application can check the situation in their surrounding by streaming public IP camera live. They also will get additional digital contents such as news, events, promo banner and discount information in this page. 
  5. Speed test
    User can check the speed of network of the application by clciking on the ‘Speed Test’ button.

Admin is the one main role in charge in this web-based application. Here are some tasks that admin can do: 

  • Manage registered user
  • View application use report
  • Edit and delete user data
  • Export user data into csv format
  • Control feature access
  • Manage promotion banner
  • Manage, edit, delete, search and filter news data and events
  • Manage maximum speed for every user
  • Add new page and manage page URL
  • Add and register new IP Enabled Camera
  • Check internet speed
  • View user activities
  • Make push notification for all users.

WGS developed a web application on top of Laravel version 5.2 and PHP 5.6.x as requested by Client. It runs on top of a Ubuntu, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL/MySQL. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and JQuery. As for a mobile application, WGS develops the app on using Android SDK and iOS SDK with Xamarin Framework as requested by Client.

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  • Business Issue

    The company wants to strengthen their brand position with a strategy to share free internet access to public, where any businesses can promote their brands and get more engagements to the customers.

  • Business Solution

    The application provides a fast and reliable connection to give everyone flexibility to easily get an internet connection anytime anywhere.

  • Lesson Learned

    The wireless internet access gateway is a powerful tool to boost people’s activities, businesses operations and also promoting brands to a wider market.

  • Benefits

    Free internet connection is useful for many things, from business operation to enjoyable activities everyday.