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BPK: Environmental Auditing Web for International Government Audit Community

Solution: Operations
Industry: Others
Company: BPK (Audit Board of Indonesia)

Our client is BPK (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan or Audit Board of Indonesia) a high-state body which is responsible for the evaluation of management and accountability of Indonesian central government, local governments, State Banks, state-owned enterprises, the Public Service Board, and institutions or other entities which manage state finances.

BPK is a member of Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) an organization under the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) non-governmental organization with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

The environment is a part of the global issues and concerns that have an effect on all of us, that is why a world organization was created to protect and preserve the environment. WGS is trusted to help BPK in rebuilding WGEA website for public visitors which provides information about environmental auditing of all countries in the world.

WGS developed on top of .NET version 4.5 and Umbraco as requested by the client. The application will run on top of a Windows Server, IIS, and SQL Server database. On the front-end, we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework

The system in this web is maintained by admin and performs two forms of applications, as follows:


Front End

Here are some of the features for the frontend of the web application:

  1. Home
    There are four submenus on this feature, including:
    • Image cover flow which is maintained from the web backend
    • Audit section which displays the latest audit filtered by the audit by country and by issue
    • Latest news
    • Subscribe form.
  2. Activities
    Visitors can follow WGEA’s activity and tackled an issue in the page, which includes: meeting schedule, work plans, or projects.
  3. Focus
    Readers who want to learn more about protecting and preserving the environment based on focus category can learn in-depth in this page. Admin can manage the menu and all submenus in this feature, including the detailed information.
  4. Greenline Newsletter
    In this feature, admin manages the newsletter menu so the web visitors can download all newsletters that have been uploaded in a certain format.
  5. Regional
    Visitors can view the activities listed for each of the world’s region and download submitted bulletins, summaries, and presentations with information such as the date of uploaded or title which is displayed in pdf format.
  6. Audit
    Visitors can view all list of audit files, download it or search audit information of certain country for more detailed information on this page.
  7. Publication
    All users can view and download any detailed audit guidelines or study, survey, the audit progress and special report in several languages in this feature.

Back End

The backend provides some basic features to support operations, here are some of the features as follows:

  1. Homepage management
    Admin manages homepage content such as Cover Flow and Featured Pages, including adding up to five new features in this page.
  2. Content management
    The list of the page that has been created can be seen by admin in this page, including some information such as page title, action button, or activities.
  3. Publication
    Admin manages the publication of the audit progress which is displayed on the website front end, including studies and guidelines, surveys, the audit progress, and special report.
  4. User management
    The admin can manage users in this page, including new user creation, role assignment for a created user, activate or deactivate user, remove user data, or view the detail user data.
  5. Role management
    Admin manages the role of users from this page, including the report access for a different role, restrict export feature for some roles, and all roles will be implemented to user in the user management features.


Technical Specification:

  • Database
  • - SQL Server
  • Operating System (OS)
  • - Windows Server
  • Server
  • - Apache Webserver
  • Framework
  • - Java Framework
    - Umbraco
  • 3rd Party Engine
  • - MailChimp
    - XSSme
    - Google Map API
  • Markup Language
  • - CSS 3
    - HTML 5
  • Programming Language
  • - Microsoft .NET
    - Javascript

  • Business Issue: The organization needs to improve the use of audit mandate and audit instruments in the field of environmental protection policies to conduct some actions for a better world environment.
  • Business Solution: The web is a system where everyone can learn & understand specific issues involved in the environmental auditing, including the complete information and experience, guidelines and other informative material.
  • Benefits: A website is a quick respond to changing demand of detailed information from the world environmental conditions. While also getting visitors to be engaged and aware of the environmental issues to be addressed.
  • Lesson Learned: Small improvements in data quality, usability, and remote convenience can generate higher awareness from the world population in protecting their environment better.

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