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Distributor Management System for Consumer Goods Distributor Company

Solution: Operations
Industry: Wholesale, Retail, Distributor
Company: Private in Indonesia

For the distribution business, the more you sell, the better your business is. However, to reach that point a company needs to strike a balance between demand and supply. A company has to have the capability to handle more than adequate stock at any point of time. In order to handle incoming and outgoing goods, the company needs to accelerate and streamlines the entire flow of goods to maintain a healthy level of distribution management across the entire distribution network.

The client is one of the major distributors of imported food and beverages and other consumer goods, with 40 years of experience in the distribution business as well as supermarket chains. The client requested WGS to develop a web-based distribution management system using the Odoo platform that streamlines the entire branches and warehouses' distribution activities that also covers the accounting report and promotion engine to maximize product sales.

There are three roles who can manage this application, as follow:

  1. Superadmin
  2. Admin
  3. Staff
  4. Sales

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

  1. Pre-order estimation
    The user can calculate the estimated advance orders easier because the system helps to calculate it automatically based on the sales average.
  2. Inter location mutation
    The system enables the user to check and track goods mutation from every location in detail including when the distributor's branch runs out of stock, therefore the user does not have to check the empty shelves to some location physically.
  3. Sales order validation
    This feature helps the user to validate the sales order whether it is worth approving or not. For example, if the sales staff input the sales to the customer who has a problem with the credit limit, then the system will hold the order until the issue is fixed.
  4. Promotion
    This is a dynamic feature where the principal or distributor's vendor can create a promotion campaign here easily by input the promotion data in the form provided by the system.
  5. Accounting
    This feature enables the user to check and audit every transaction from all hierarchy of sales, support the promotion claims and provides the transaction journal automatically.

Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: Running a distribution business means that an organization gains profit margins from the turnover of the collective goods, therefore an organization needs to manage the entire stock flow and process throughout the retailer-distributor network well.
  • Business Solution: This web-based application system is a good tool to create and manage a well-organized stock flow that helps the company build a solid distributor-retailer partnership, while also avoids wasting precious resources in the distribution process.
  • Benefits: The system can help an organization to consolidate and brings-down the entire order hierarchy to a single dashboard and avoids false orders or stock mismanagement.
  • Lesson Learned: The application helps an organization to establish a well-organized process pipeline, while also organize and manage flow of goods between multiple touch points.

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