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Komatsu: Drawing Management System for Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Solution: Operations
Industry: Automotive
Company: Komatsu

Update 2020: This solution would help companies in the current situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, for more info about  Document Managemnt System. Click Here

Organizations today operate business in a very competitive way. Their response to consumer inquiries need to be quicker and more accurately. An important key to aptly service the customers is by having a highly organized and efficient document management system. A large company with multiple locations across the globe should have an organizational structure to protect their project names, image, document files, and other important documents in a secure system yet still easy to locate and access.

This is an application designed for Komatsu, a multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, forestry, and agro equipments. The Drawing Management System (DMS) helps the company to organize, display, manage (search and save) giant amount of data while protecting their blueprint and other important images.

They asked WGS to develop a supportive management system for an effective file storage process of business operational activities. When the DMS application is active, other applications are automatically inaccessible. WGS developed the desktop based application on top of C#, Oracle DB and Winform. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3.

Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:

  1. Login
    Users must have a secure ID and password with authorization to access the application.
  2. Search Menu
    Users can search multiple files at the same time.
  3. Upload Menu
    This feature allows user to upload multiple files at the same time.
  4. Administrator
    This feature allows admin to manage user priviledge and block unauthorized access to drawing database.
  5. Activity Report
    All user activities such as changing password or printing data are completely recorded in the application.

The best feature of the application is the document access and protection. Every data displayed can only be accessed from the application. The data can not be saved or print screened in any way without authorization.

There are five (5) user levels with different roles in the application, as follows:

  1. Admin
    Admin has a password where he can modify data and user.
  2. Data Manager with access to upload files
    This role can upload data as well as modifying data and has a priviledge to full print access.
  3. Data User with full access
    This role allows user to full print access only.
  4. Data user with limited access
    User with this access can only print data with reference.
  5. Data user with reference.
    This role has the lowest authoriization where he can only view the display data.

Technical Specification:

  • Database
  • - Oracle
  • Operating System (OS)
  • - Windows Server
  • 3rd Party Engine
  • - XSSme
  • Markup Language
  • - CSS 3
    - HTML 5
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • - Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Programming Language
  • - C#
    - Javascript

  • Business Issue: A company needs an application that is designed to avoid disorganized data and make every tasks related to the management of documentation faster, easier and efficient.
  • Business Solution: Drawing Management Software (DMS) is a way company can store, track and share image documents in one central location through an online system among employees throughout the organization.
  • Benefits: Users no longer have to worry about the possibility of losing important documents with this application as it electronically stores, organizes, and manages business documents through a fast and secure access throughout the company.
  • Lesson Learned: The application has enabled things such as protecting data and files become easier since the tool allows the information to be stored securely on database that increase data efficiency and safety.

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