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Project Overview

The payment method for the financial transaction has slowly changed from traditional towards a mobile form. Now everybody has a smartphone and e-wallet is one of the applications that might installed in it. It is a new way to financial convenience as it shifting the payment method for good and services in this digital era and many companies offer different digital wallet with its uniqueness.

The client is one of the leading convenience store chains in Indonesia who wants to build a better backend and mobile app of a digital wallet that can be used by user everywhere. They asked WGS to rebuild the existing application prototype and create a new one where users can shop in the application with QR code for every transaction. The payment can be completed manually at the registered store cashier or by online transfer to the merchant account.

There are four roles in this application, as follows:

  1. Superadmin
  2. Staff
  3. Customer
  4. Merchant

These are some interesting features that can be used by customer and merchant, as follows:

  1. Home
    After the registration is authenticated by the system, a user can view the home page which displays features such as balance, promotion, top-up, payment, and transfer.
  2. Cash withdrawal
    A user can withdraw the balance in cash through the store, however, this feature can be used only if he registered as a full-service member.
  3. Balance mutation
    The system will display a list of transaction made by the user together with the balance cash left.
  4. Transfer
    A user can transfer the balance in the e-wallet to another application user by submitting information such as user contact number and cash nominal, however, this feature can be used only if he registered as a full-service member.
  5. Setting
    In this feature, a user can manage some settings such as edit profile, contact the customer service, or change and reset pin.

Additional features for customer

  1. Registration
    A user needs to submit a valid phone number for registration together with personal information.
  2. Top up
    The users can manage routine bills in this feature, such as electricity payment, health insurance, or even games voucher by reloading e-wallet balance in this page.
  3. Online payment
    Connected to the POS machine by a unique QR code, a user can make an online payment at the store by submitting a nominal amount and PIN in this feature.
  4. Unrelated POS
    The user can make direct transaction and payment by choosing the ‘Online Payment’ menu at the merchant who doesn’t provide POS.
  5. Point payment
    This page displays ‘Point Payment’ menu where a user can make payment transaction by filling the bills data in different forms depending on the type of payment/bills and nominal amount.
  6. Insufficient balance
    When the e-wallet balance is not sufficient to make the bills payment, the status will be ‘pending’ and the user has to go to the store to make the payment manually.

Additional features for the merchant

  1. Sign up
    As a merchant, a user has to register and submit personal information including name, address, ID card photo, store owner ID card with photo and digital signature to get an active account.
  2. Sign in
    A merchant can get an account by submitting a valid email to receive a password from admin.
  3. Top up
    A user can fill the wallet balance with a credit card or bank transfer by clicking the top-up button on this page.
  4. Receive payment
    A merchant user can receive payment from user customer which will be displayed in a QR code page. When the scan of QR code succeeded the balance in customer’s e-wallet will be reduced and merchant’s e-wallet will be added accord with a nominal amount from the customer.
  5. Top up help
    A user can ask for a cash balance top up by using the QR code and when the scan completed a customer user can make a cash payment to the merchant offline.
  6. Withdraw help
    The merchant user can receive balance withdraw request from the user customer by using the QR code and when the scan completed the merchant user can make a cash payment to the store offline.
  7. Point payment help
    Here, the user customer can make payment with his Points, however when the Points is not sufficient then the application displays a notification to request cash payment to the user customer offline.


Business Issue

The world is moving fast and people need a more convenient way to organize routine financial transactions.

Business Solution

e-wallet is an easy and secure application to boost people’s convenience for carrying out purchases in daily life.

Lesson Learned

e-wallet is a great way to stay ahead in this digital era as you can remove as many conversion barriers as possible to win the sale, either for user or merchant.


The system in this application facilitates customer and merchant with easy and safe assistance in regular purchasing and making payment.


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