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Unihealth: Ecommerce Customized For Corporate MLM (Multi Level Marketing)




Private in Indonesia

Project Overview

UNIHEALTH a sister company to one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. They need an MLM solution, an easily accessible facility for members to restock their product & track member points. The solution is an integrated software: Ecommerce for the selling point, membership, & bonus calculation > Backend for managing content & product categorization > SCM for managing product movement, warehouse operations & purchase order. Now we’ll talk exclusively about the customized MLM Ecommerce. It is a facility for customers to order & read product details.

WGS developed the solution with CakePHP and RoR, with PostGre as the database and Jasper Report for the reporting solution. For an easier search, product categories can be displayed by type / function. Products can be bought from stockiest (distributors) or warehouse. For an integrated business process, the Ecommerce's product list are connected directly to SCM while manageable by admin in the Backend. Customers can also register to be a member (terms and conditions applied). In the site members get a special treatment for products, promos, conferences, profile page, access to member only pages, and more. (Membership system are explained in another case study)

The functions available in the Front End: 1. Product Search 2. Product Purchase 3. Product Order 4. Wishlist 5. E-Wallet 6. Promo 7. Catalogue 8. Unihealth Academy 9. Member’s Tips & Guide of utilizing UNIHEALTH to generate income

The functions available in the Back End: 1. Banners 2. Product 3. Category 4. Product Package 5. Page 6. News 7. Purchasing Order 8. Request Order 9. Delivery Order 10. Inventory, such as the storage of certain products on shelves 11. Data Products 12. Forecasting (Product Sales Forecasting) 13. Setting member 14. Bonus 15. Promotion 16. Voucher 17. and more …

Business Issue

They client need an MLM solution, an easily accessible facility for members to restock their product & track member points.

Business Solution

An Ecommerce website customized for their MLM policy & regulation that’s connected to their SCM.

Lesson Learned

This application is expected to facilitate all the basic needs of the company's business processes are implicated in increased performance and productivity.


As a whole the application can handle their business processes from warehousing, receiving goods from suppliers, the movement of goods from one warehouse to another warehouse, setting members, bonuses, up to reporting.


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