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Project Overview

Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum (PDAM), aka Regional Drinking Water Company is a venture belongs to the region, which handles the distribution of sanitary water for public society. PDAM can be found in each province and monitored by the executive apparatus as well as the legislative region. Since each region's PDAM are managed differently, with different business process & policy. Some PDAM's are also lacking in data. To tackle this issue, WGS developed a dynamic application capable of being set to each region's business process & policy while protecting important data and standardizing report. The application is an Integrated Management Information System (Sistem Informasi Manajemen Terpadu) to record activities in PDAM. The ERP system, consists of eight module

  • HR Management
  • Distribution
  • Customer Service
  • Billing System
  • Production
  • Public Procurement
  • Accounting
  • and Warehousing 

are integrated with each other perfectly. The purpose of this application was to help small PDAM in the operational terms; preventing data lacking, data losing and so on. Overall, this application helps PDAM to automate their work and business process.

Business Issue

The client wanted an Information System, which can be used by other PDAM branches to standardize activities report using this Information System.

Business Solution

Develop an integrated ERP module with dynamic data, which was able to be customized based on the local PDAM needs with no hard code for dynamic data.

Lesson Learned

The best practice to make an integrative application is by using a framework, like Laravel. Then, other useful technologies such as Cron, Auto suggestion form, SMS gateway, and progressive tariff algorithms can integrate the system well.


Preventing data loss from small PDAMs, while standardizing reporting. This application help both the PDAM's management, staff & the government.


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