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Komatsu: Financial Consolidation Software For Rental Sales Company

Solution: Operations
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing
Company: Komatsu

PT Komatsu Indonesia is an organization that engages in heavy equipment. As organizations grow in size, difficulties in financial consolidation and reporting often grow. Challenges include multiple currencies, different accounting standards, wide range of reporting and compliance regulations and many more. These challenges trigger organizations to work more for a better result.

The company trusted WGS to develop an application for their process business. It is a system to consolidate financial report for KI Group Companies to produce KI Group Financial Consolidation Report. Generally, each subsidiary will receive excel template to be filled. Then, they should input directly the report (excel file) through internet to KI Consolidation Server. Report from all subsidiaries will be consolidated to be Consolidation & Disclosure Report.

The system itself consists of two layers:
1. Consolidation Portal System.
The system becomes the starting point for users to begin activities related to the data collection that will be used as the basis of the consolidation process. The portal also can be used as the tools for communication from KI to its subsidiaries.
2. Consolidation Application System.
The system is used to consolidate all reports and data from KI’s subsidiaries that have been collected through the consolidation portal system. It is used by PT KI and Group to make the KI consolidation financial statement bound together with the notes on the report.

Overall, the system can help each branch office to upload or input various reports, made by the central office and published in the system. Then, the admin in the central office will process the consolidation toward the obtained reports.

WGS developed a software based on the client’s want using Ruby version 2.0 & Rails version 3.2.19, and Oracle database.
On the front-end, this application uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery.

Features Including:
• The data changes can be done easily in xlsx format, the software helps user in updating the xlsx data fast.
• Increased server utilization.
• Simplified management of the IT infrastructure.
• Improved application reliability.
• Increased performance.
• Reduced maintenance costs.
• Reduced cost, time, and risk with application upgrades.

Technical Specification:

  • Framework
  • - jQuery
  • Markup Language
  • - HTML 5
  • Programming Language
  • - Javascript
    - Ruby

  • Business Issue: The client wanted a customized software, which can ease their financial consolidation system.
  • Business Solution: Develop a new modern and fast system, which replaced client’s existing software.
  • Benefits: Overall the system helps the central office in simplifying data collection from all branch office to be processed to the final reports.
  • Lesson Learned: Our developers learned a new technology. It is to process xlsx file using Ruby on rails, with the customized big report templates as the reference.

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