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Mastering an aircraft can be done by anyone who wants to do it. However, you need to master all aspects of aviation in order to reach that skill. The flight hour is also important to be considered when you want to be acknowledged as a good pilot. In fact, a pilot will face an enormous task and regulation while conducting their duty. Therefore, a good system of an application can help the pilot to deliver a good service in aviation duties.

The client is a company based in Montreal, Canada, which wants to develop a good web and mobile platform for general aviation management. The client asked WGS to build innovative web platforms and services which can simplify and optimizes general aviation’s commercial activities. So, this platform offers useful tools for pilots, aircraft owners, and organizations including the flight schools, Fixed-base Operator (FBO)s, and flying clubs.

This platform is a modern tool to help pilots easily manage their daily and future flight schedules. Every pilot can use this application easily, even pilots without user account can use this application, and there is no mandatory registration. This app works online but also works offline when pilots on board and they can upload everything after they are back online. This is a really useful pilot companion during flights.

There are three main accounts in this application, as follows:

  1. The pilot account
    This account offers a simple interface with rich information to all pilots, including student and commercial pilots. With a navigation interface, this account is perfectly helpful for pilots who want to focus on flying, because pilots can see the weather prediction, have a qualification manager and an integrated pilot logbook.
  2. The aircraft owner/partnership account
    This account offers a scheduler, maintenance tracking module, aircraft profile, and all modules for pilots owning an aircraft. This application will remind user for all schedules, so pilots should not be worry on forgetting something before take-off. If the aircraft is owned by a partner, this partner can be added to the schedule detail and the information is available for everyone.
  3. The FBO/Flight School/Flying Club account
    This account offers full integration where an organization can manage a fleet, add and track pilots and also students qualifications and share the information with all users from anywhere, anytime. The user can save time because this application prevents information repetition in multiple programs and it covers all activities from scheduling to billing.

We’d like to share some interesting features created in this application, as follows:

  1. Scheduler
    This feature provides schedule management where user can view all schedules for flights, guidelines, company policy and Federal Aviation Association (FAA) policies and guidelines.
  2. Pilot logbook
    This feature records the pilot’s flying hours, flight time, number of landings, and also types of instrument approaches that have been made by pilots.
  3. Flight management
    This feature provides guidance like the GPS for pilots, with programs in between the origin and destination. Pilots can program where to go and off it goes. The system allows an airplane to stay in touch with the autopilot and maintain the heading within a few feet.
  4. Pre-flight assistance
    The feature enables pilots to do a comprehensive professional check out on the airplane by clicking on the checklist button before taking it to the air and flying. This feature can reduce the safety risks up in the sky.
  5. Maintenance management
    This feature enables the users to improve communication effectively and increase safety in airline maintenance operations so there will be fewer maintenance errors to reach a better performance.

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  • Business Issue

    The company wants to find a solution for general aviation issues such as the pain caused by an overwhelming amount of preflight and post-flight tasks and regulation complexity together with the increasing of aviation.

  • Business Solution

    This application provides a system where users can manage before and after flights tasks in general aviation better, with the help of integrated tools to pilots, aircraft owners and organizations.

  • Lesson Learned

    This application makes general aviation management more effective while pilots can also share their passion for flying to anyone who wants to know more about general aviation.

  • Benefits

    With integrated tools, the system offers a simpler flight management modules to capture data and dispatch it in various airplane and pilot documents, so pilots can share data with anyone who needs general aviation information.