Functional Upgrade of Financial Software on IBM AS/400

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Banking & Finance

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Our multinational lease financing client has already had a robust financial software written on programs running over IBM AS/400 for years. Over time, there are obstructing issues with legacy technology, the issues are not in terms of declining of market acceptance, the program is still useful and effective though. It is about access flexibility, a mobility issue. While newer technology allows access from anywhere, our client needs to present in the office to access the server through LAN connection.

Upgrading the system doesn't look like as a solution as compatibility issue arises. The programs are heavily customized to meet their market requirements, so rewriting the code is not an easy task either. A middleware is our proposal for this circumstances. A web-based app that can communicate with the old program is our answer. Originally, the project begins with a report generator functionality since reports are the most common request. User can pass required parameters through the app and app will translate query response into HTML5/CSS3 display.

None of our developers are familiar with neither the legacy code nor the desired financial output. Surprisingly, it's the client who offered us guidance and dare us to learn from scratch. They are aware that kind of legacy developer is a scarce resource. We accepted the challenge eagerly. We are happy to be trusted in the first place, years later, the middleware is ever expanding. Not only reporting, users are now may submit data and do so much more through the web app.

Here's some additional functions that we've added over the years:

Financial Features

  • Clearing Request
  • Unallocated Funds
  • Contact Control
  • CAD Document
  • Collateral Activity
  • Incomplete Contract Document Data
  • PDC Control
  • OD Remark

General Features

  • Funding Application
  • Internal Audit Finding
  • General Notification CRM Related
  • Survey
  • User Info
  • Business Dev Budgeting
  • Zip Code Group
  • Showroom
  • Freeze Showroom Operational Features
  • RV Accounting
  • SLV Inject
  • Asset Cost MS Excel Upload & Inject
  • Purchase Price
  • Residual Value
  • Contact & Asset Upload
  • D/S Exception Contract
  • Collective Invoice Setting
  • Invoice
  • Insurance Claim
  • Quotation
  • Collective Contract Inject
  • Upload User No
  • Asset Master
  • Car Daily Record
  • Delivery Schedule System Admin Feature
  • General Storage

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  • Business Issue

    The old system is not ergonomic for today's business requirement but changing it to a new system would be a more cumbersome task

  • Business Solution

    Creating a web interface which is connected with the old system so users can communicate with the old system as if it's a new one

  • Lesson Learned

    Upgrading legacy system to a new one isn't always the answer

  • Benefits

    Saving time and cost for both the Client and WGS.