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Marketplace and HR Application for Bank's Additional Service for SMEs

Solution: Operations
Industry: Banking & Finance
Company: Private in Indonesia

Update 2020: This solution would help companies in the current situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, for more info about Odoo as an end-to-end Cloud ERP manageable even when WFH, click here.


The client is one of the oldest bank in Indonesia and one of the first banks who can run the intermediation function to conduct loan during economic crisis in the country back in Indonesian 1998 monetary crisis. They have requested WGS to build a web based marketplace for vendor’s service advertisements and Human Resources application for internal use which developed based on PT. WGS’s own application Qorser with customization requirements set aby the client.

In the marketplace application, users can find information about variety of vendor’s service information. In the HR application, users (Small and Medium Enterprises / SME) that has agreement with our client, can use the application to manage a better employee’s information, attendace list and the salary payroll.

The marketplace will help SMEs to run a growing business in this digital era. Businesses have to make sure that the business has useful product reviews and represents the business’s best face for the customers. The services advertisements should find an interaction with users as professionally as possible, and make sure that the their offers adress the correct target in the marketplace.

This application gives a number of advantages for the SMEs since they can use many features earmarked for their business operations. The application is integrated with the company application through Tibco Middleware. All transactions are using Midtrans as a payment gateway for this application.

There are three roles in this application:

  • User role
  • Staff role
  • Superuser role

WGS developed a web application by using Odoo10 on top of Python 2.7.x as requested by Client. It runs on top of a Ubuntu, Apache webserver, and PostgreSQL database. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and JQuery. As for a mobile application, WGS develops the app on using Android SDK and iOS SDK with Xamarin framework as requested by Client. The deliverable for Android is the APK and for iOS is the IPA / Diawi.

Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:


  1. Marketplace
    • Home
      Users will find information about HRIS marketplace and how to join as a vendor.
    • Our vendors
      This feature displays list of vendors with detailed data such as name, address, services and contact person.
  2. HR
    • Homepage
      In this page user will find information about OCBC-HRIS and directed to Register page when they click the ‘Register’ button to fill the registration form and directed to ‘Subscribe’ page when the process is done.
    • Subscribe
      This page displays paid package offering for users. First time registrated user will get free trial offer for certain days


  1. Marketplace
    • Login
      Admin can log in with registered username and password.
    • Master data
      • Category
        This is the page where admin has a role to manage the category setting and vendor classification.
      • Template
        This page displays template data provided by application to create an advertisement and this is the page where admin has a role to manage the template setting.
    • Vendor
      This page displays vendor’s data that has join the OCBC vendor’s list, and admin has a role to manage the vendor data setting such as create, edit, or delete vendor data.
    • Advertise
      This page displays published and unpublished advertisements data at the front end page. Admin can create new data by filling the form with detail vendor data, and also edit and delete advertisement data.
  2. HR
    • Login
      Users need to authenticate username and password before accessing the application. If it failed then the application displays error message. However if the authentification succeed, users will be directed to Dashboard page.
    • Dashboard
      This page displays all employees’ detailed data information such as notice, birthday, attendance and more.
    • User management
      This is the page for user setting. The user who register and use the application. This page also displays user billing data.
    • HRIS (Human Resources Information System)
      This page displays all letter data needs by the company and emloyees, such as form letter, mutation, demotion, promotion, warning letter and more.
    • Payroll
      This page displays every employee salary data which come from manual calculation and generating all salary according to the employee’s personal information.
    • Settings
      Settings feature displays employee’s day off data in a certain periode, including official leave, national holidays, attendance calculation and more.
    • Employee
      This page displays monthly employee attendance data. User can view attendance details everyday and the data is put in to the application periodically.
    • Logs
      This page displays all users activity log, while admin has a role to manage all data including data filtering, searching, deleting, downloading, or printing.
    • Report
      The application provides this feature so users is able to view variety of reports they need, such as attendance, tax report, insurance, salary recap and more.  


Technical Specification:

  • Database
  • - PostgreSQL
  • Operating System (OS)
  • - Ubuntu Server
  • Server
  • - Amazon Web Services - AWS
    - Apache Webserver
  • Framework
  • - jQuery
    - Java Framework
  • 3rd Party Engine
  • - Odoo
    - TIBCO
    - Midtrans
  • Markup Language
  • - CSS 3
    - HTML 5
  • Programming Language
  • - iOS
    - Javascript
    - Android
    - Python

  • Business Issue: Gaining access to get capital in order to finance the day-to-day business operations for small and medium enterprises is not an easy thing to do.
  • Business Solution: The finance institution plays an essential role to help the business operations of SMEs and meets their financial needs with this application.
  • Benefits: The application offers a better way to access financing opportunities in more cost-efficient method to manage the business operations.
  • Lesson Learned: The application will help the SMEs with promotion to bigger market while providing a robust HR system, making it easier to support their business operations.

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