Mutual Fund Investment Platform

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Life is moving quickly and it’s never too late for people to set a plan and reach the financial security in the future. The plan is to start investing. Today, while we are sitting on the couch at home, we can make money on the stock market because the digital system makes it easier for us to make investment safe and easy. One of the types of a financial plan is a mutual fund which provides easy and affordable investment services. This plan gives an individual access to manage a portfolio of equities, bonds, or other securities professionally.

The client is a patron of XDana, a company in Indonesia which the main business activities are collecting public funds and channeling these funds through loans in the form of credit facilities. They want to simplify investment for everyone by providing an online platform. They asked WGS to build a good system which specifically designed for novice investors who want to invest in mutual products with the lowest risk profile.

The company wants to provide a mutual fund investment which can be made anytime and the investment returns are not taxed for the public. Different from an online loan platform, this is a money market mutual fund platform where the mutual fund assets are stored in the custodian bank which is registered and supervised by a Financial Services Authority in Indonesia named OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan), so it is secure and easy to do.

Here are a few features of the application, as follows:

  1. Home
    Before you register as a user, the system displays brief information about the simplicity of investment for beginners, the ease of investment management and withdraw anytime without contract and commitment.
  2. User registration
    In this feature, you have to confirm your id card and personal information and answer some questions about investment goal, so the system can create a prediction based on the answers of what type of investor you are. Here, you have to connect to your bank account and approve the agreement to finish the account creation.
  3. Investment
    A user can start to invest from the smallest amount without investment fee and tax-free which make this an affordable investment for everyone.
  4. Easy transaction
    You can check your balance and product performance, top-up, redemption in all in one page.
  5. Performance review
    The system displays performance review in a daily, monthly, or yearly base represented by a simple chart to be understood.
  6. Flexible transaction
    The transaction can be done at any time and anywhere.


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  • Business Issue

    At some point of life, people want to build a financial safety net because someday they’re going to have to stop working, therefore, investing money is one of the ways to create financial freedom in the future.

  • Business Solution

    This is a web and mobile platform where beginner investors can start investing with the smallest amount of money and gain profit or income right from the tip of their fingers.

  • Lesson Learned

    People will find this application helpful as they can get an online financial advisor and guidance to start investing and know how much risk to take for an investment.

  • Benefits

    The system in this application is equipped with a simple, accessible, and user-friendly features to help users win their financial goal.