Online Vehicle Auction Apps for Transportation & Logistic Company

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    • Transporation & Logistics

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An auction is a process of selling and buying goods or services by offering them in a bid. A person who bid with the highest price can get the items. So far, many people think that the procedure of an auction is complicated. That is why people are reluctant to take part in an auction. In addition to that, a lot of people think that the auction is only for certain agencies or organizations, and the auction is not for a private customer. The good news is, with the help of the internet today, there is an online auction now, and everybody can participate in it.

Our Client is a company that started in 1986 with businesses in 26 cities across Indonesia in transportation solution services, selling used vehicles, and logistics management services. The company shifted to provide more software-based services. They asked WGS to build an innovative web and mobile platform which can simplify and optimizes auction procedures. Customers can join live auctions without having to meet face to face.

This platform is a user-friendly system offering good services on auction to the community. People can search, bid, and buy items on this platform anywhere on any device. This platform will change the community perspective that an auction now has an easy mechanism with cheaper price, better than the ordinary used cars market.

WGS developed the application on top of Code Igniter as requested by the Client, and also using microservice architecture. The application will run on top of an Ubuntu, Apache web server, Node JS and PostgreSQL database. On the front-end, we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework, and Jquery.

We’d like to share some interesting features created in this application, as follows:

  1. Home
    This main landing page displays information such as:
    • Application information such as auction frequency, auction network, auction option, valuation, MAP (Market Auction Price), and auto bid.
    • Car recommendation
    • Live auction.
      Users can make use of this feature to join bidding from anywhere through a gadget in real-time.
    • Auction mechanism
      with detailed information, including checking on auction schedule and finding vehicles, checking on vehicle details, registration and buy NPL (Nomor Peserta Lelang), join the auction, payment and deposit mechanism, and unit collection.
    • Testimony
  2. Find vehicles
    In this feature, users can filter car recommendations, auction types, auction object types, city, and schedule.
  3. Live Auction
    The user can choose a maximum of four auction schedules in some cities in this feature, including the auction for cars, motorcycles, gadgets, and other electronic items. After having NPL and choosing the auction schedules, the user should top up their account using the service deposit feature.
  4. Service Deposit
    Users will need to top up their service deposit account to do auctions. Every auction they win, there will be down-payment that will be deducted from their service deposit account. At the end of the auction, if the balance in the service deposit still remains, the user could get back the remaining balance to their registered bank account.
  5. Purchasing with official Bidder Number
    There is two types of auction number, unlimited and regular number, to be used by the participant to join the bid on the items in the auction. This NPL is required to participate in Onsite, Online, and Live Auction.
  6. Entrusted auction
    This feature allows users to offer and sell their products in an auction without having to come to the auction location.
  7. MAP (Market Auction Price)
    This feature provides information on the price of the car wanted by the user in the market completed by graphic info and analysis.
  8. Procedure
    This feature can help users to understand the auction mechanism by displaying complete guidance about the procedures through graphic and video.
  9. User profile
    A user can register and become a member by submitting an email address and password. After activating the account by clicking on the confirmation email, a user can set up the account management, including setting up for notification, transaction, Bidder Number management, profile setting, saving favorite items, and basic price on items.


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  • Business Issue

    The smartphone users grow rapidly every year and the company wants to enhance sales performance by utilizing smart technology to implement online and live bid.

  • Business Solution

    The application provides a system where users can participate in an auction live and online, or commend their products in this friendly app by using their gadgets anywhere anytime.

  • Lesson Learned

    With the help of the internet, the mechanism in this application makes an auction process more efficient, buyers can find what is available easier, at an easy to find location, with the reasonable price.

  • Benefits

    The system in the application can help the company to expand the market and reach the target market that would have been difficult to reach via regular marketing channels.