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Motorcycle Dealer Performance Monitoring Portal for Automotive Mfg. Company




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Project Overview

Monitoring operational performance on a regular basis is one of the most important tasks to reach the goal of the business itself. Running a company means that you have to know where the business currently stands, and it can be seen from a performance standpoint which holds a great advantage for the company. In this digital era, a company can not make a decision based on the hunch and feeling because it is too risky for the business.

The client is a company who synergize the excellent of technology and marketing network in the automotive industry who is also developing cooperation with the Japanese company in Indonesia. They asked WGS to build a portal that can monitor and organize every motor dealer performance on a regular basis and connected to the main website at the head office. The activity that should be organized is a report of daily transaction data so the main office can evaluate their operational performance.

There is three main roles in this application, as follows:

  1. User
  2. Dealer
  3. Region and Head office

We would like to share some of the interesting features in this application, as follows:

Features for Dealer

  1. Login
    A dealer has to register and input a user name, password and email address to use this app.
  2. Create a dealer
    After registration, a user can create a profile and fill the dealer’s data in the form displayed by the system.
  3. Maintain dealer
    The system will display the form of the registered dealer so a user can make a data change in this feature.

Features for User

  1. User
    A user account can view data and change password, however, the account can only be made and edited by the main office and each user account will show personal information, such as username, role in the application, dealer region, real name, and email address.
  2. Dashboard
    A user can view graphics of dealer’s data that has been submitted into the system, including daily entry unit, service income or product sales and all these data can be downloaded into pdf format.
  3. Report
    This feature displays report details based on the real data which can be downloaded in excel format and a user can filter each detail in the searching column.
  4. Entry data service
    A user can input data of dealer performance in the form that is provided by the system.
  5. Maintain entry data service
    Every user can manage their data in this feature including editing the form entry data.
  6. Income target
    The system will display form upload in excel format where the user can manage the income target by choosing the income target menu on the dashboard.
  7. Daily data upload
    The daily report can be uploaded in this page by choosing the type of form displayed by the system.
  8. Download
    The user can download the user data or daily transaction on this page.

Features for Region and Head Office

  1. User registration
    A user in the region or head office has to register and input a user name, password and email address without access to editing or changing data, however, the account can only be made by the head office.
  2. Dashboard
    This page consists of the summary of detail data and information for every dealer’s report, including the daily and monthly report.
  3. Tab view
    This is a page of reports that can be accessed from the main menu for every report type such as unit entry, revenue, productivity, or other reports.


Business Issue

The complexity of network and coordination in business operation is rising and a company needs to deliver the best service to the customers in order to stay on top of the business competition.

Business Solution

The application ensures the company closely monitoring data and information in details to control the quality of services and provides a good experience to the customers.

Lesson Learned

The application helps the company to diagnose problems from the real-time insight so that the operational activities can run better on a daily basis.


The company increases operational efficiency and can quickly respond to issues before it impacts the quality of services.


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