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Project Overview

In business, a process plays an important role in helping companies achieve their goal. Companies can get a better outcome when they have good alignment of resources, technology, and supporting structures.

Our client, PT. Timah is a big state-owned enterprise in the industry of tin mining operations & marketing business. They asked WGS to find the best solution to manage their payment approval process. This company has been using paper forms for the internal payment approval process where sometimes the paper was missing or stuck on certain staff. So, to allow the business to grow and operate well, the company needs to have supporting technology such as the Business Process Management (BPM) System.

WGS has implemented a BPM system to enable staff to create their own dynamic form and process, to check and track each approval form process in a better way. The BPM system can accommodate structure changes and business processes with Agile and Robust methodology. The company can also use a mobile application to access the request and approval system.

WGS developed the application on top of Kecak Workflow and Laravel version 5.2 and PHP 5.5.x as requested by Client. The application will run on top of Ubuntu, Apache webserver, and MySQL database. On the front-end, we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and Jquery. In order to support mobile use, WGS developed the application on using ReactNative as requested by the Client. The deliverable for Android is the APK / for iOS is the IPA.

There are four major users in this application, they are:

  • Directors
  • Head of Division
  • Staff
  • User

Here are a few from many features of the application, as follows:

  1. Mapping active directory
    The application is interconnected with work position, location and approval hierarchy
  2. Progress tracking
    User can track down on going or finished approval process and download process attachment
  3. Preview mode
    User can preview the process on web and mobile attachment
  4. Report generating
    This function can make a hard copy print out related to the payment order
  5. Personal design dashboard for user
  6. Downloadable attachment
    User can view attachment with certain rule and download it without saving it in the local storage
  7. Progress bar

To use the application is simple. Users register and authenticate the personal email and receive password after receiving email notification from admin. When users forgot the password, they can click the ‘forgot password’ button and system will automatically send instruction email to reset the password.

The admin can manage some actions for registered user such as:

  • Create, edit, or delete users
  • See reports on every documents in the application
  • Manage user personal information such as profile, avatar or password changes


Business Issue

To reach the top of business competition, a company needs to automate the business operations and streamline it for a simpler way.

Business Solution

The application is an innovative approach to get a systematic business processes. It helps the company to introduce new products and services without incurring too much cost.

Lesson Learned

A good process management system is the right tool for an effective business growth.


Business process management system will enhance the administration in workplaces. Organization can gain employee’s output well, have a good communication flow and get a better collaborative delivery environment.


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