Ride-Sharing Application for Transportation & Logistic Company

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Transporation & Logistics

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Mobility in a city is getting fast and faster every day. Today, an individual has many options to choose how to move around one area to another. Nowadays, there is a platform-based business model as a new alternative offered by technology for a variety of transportation. And, this kind of business becomes common through wide-spread internet and many industries are starting to move toward this business model.

The client is one of the largest Transportation & Logistic Company in Indonesia, through its new business unit, wanted to build a technology-based service to meet the needs of modern society in Indonesia. One of the services is a ride-sharing application which becomes a new lifestyle of urban society. With this application, a car owner can offer the available seat in his car to a new rider or a friend who has the same direction to his destination. The user can choose to be a rider or a car owner when using this application. Not only that, a user can book a bus ticket too.

So, this is a useful application for a busy individual.  And, the application was built to reduce the traffic effect on the street while also build up networking for users since they will meet new acquaintances. There is another thing offers by the company in this application, it is insurance protection in every trip made by users. 

There are two main user categories in this application, as follows:

  1. The captain 
    This user is an individual who offers an available seat or space in his car to be used by a friend or acquaintance.
  2. The Friend 
    This user is an individual who registered and join the available seat offered by The Captain, which has the same direction to the destination.

There are two modes of the ride in this application, they are:

  1. Find a ride
    In this mode, a user can decide the time of departure from the start point to the finish point, and a user can input a unique code if he finds the Captain is his friend.
  2. Offer a ride
    This is a mode where the user chooses as a Captain where he can decide the start point to the finish point, the time of departure and choose the rider based on a hobby, gender, and the number of seats available in the car.

Here are a few features of the application, as follows:

  1. Registration
    A new user has to submit a mobile phone number and personal information to get an SMS authentification code to become a registered user.
  2. Profile
    A user can complete the profile by submitting personal information, including phone number, selfie, hobby, and picture.
  3. Trip history
    In this feature, a user can view the history of the trip that has been completed.
  4. Bus history
    This feature displays a list of any bus that has been booked by the user.
  5. Share to a friend
    This is a feature where a user can invite friends to join the app and share his experience of using the application through personal media channels, such as social media account or email.
  6. Chat
    If there are any questions you need to ask, you just click the chat button which will connect the user directly to the customer service through chat channel.
  7. Closest trip
    This feature displays options of detail information of the closest trip, including the driver name, the area, date, time, number of seat availability, price, and rating that can be used by a user.
  8. Your trip
    When a user has chosen a trip and is going to complete it, the tracking will be shown in this feature.
  9. Your bus
    When a user has chosen a trip and is going to complete it, the tracking will be shown in this feature.
  10. Chat forum
    This is an interactive forum where every user can submit questions and answers by other users.

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  • Business Issue

    The society today move around at the same time, whether they work from home to school, office, or grocery during the busy hours and they need practical, efficient and accessible transportation alternative to do the routine activities.

  • Business Solution

    This application offers a solution for people to share a ride and save the cost of daily transportation and also become an agent of traffic jam breaker in the city.

  • Lesson Learned

    This application provides several helpful features and offers a new alternative of moving around the city with different options.

  • Benefits

    The system in this application is equipped with easy, accessible, and user-friendly features to help users find a comfort ride-sharing on the street.