Sales Report System for Motorcycle Distributor

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    • Automotive

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It requires a lot of efforts to run a business. The operation of a company needs a lot of paperwork to support and encourage business growth. One of the efforts to keep the business on the track is the need for regular reports, and sales report is important for operational maintenance. Every aspect of a business needs reports because it is invaluable and gives insights for the improvements and adjustments no matter what kind of business you’re running.

The client is a company who run automotive manufacturing as its main business, including other activities such as the transportation industry, wholesale, distributor, supplier and trading. WGS helped the company to build a tool for tracking the sales performance from the team and make sure that this application works effectively.

There are four roles in this web application:

  1. Superadmin
    This user is an account who looks after the management of all network in the system and it can not be deleted.
  2. Admin
    This user can manage every user account, including editing and deactivate or activate user, remove and assign a role to created user.
  3. Manager
    A manager is a user with restricted access only to read the branch report in all features.
  4. Staff
    This is a user who is registered by admin and granted limited access to the features.

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

  1. Branch management
    A user can manage and choose the branch that will be used in the report with some information such as branch name, address, email, and other information.
  2. Competitor management
    This page consists of information of competitor which will be used as a comparison to the report.
  3. Upload data
    A user can manage the raw data per branch such as to upload, update or retrieve with the help of the admin to the application with a specific format which will be used in a reporting process.
  4. Dashboard
    This feature allows the granted user to view the report summary in details and download the data into pdf format.


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  • Business Issue

    Every business needs to grow and good coordination will bring positive impact to the operational performance.

  • Business Solution

    This application improves the coordination within the team and gives the company a clear picture of a sales performance in order to stay standout in the business competition.

  • Lesson Learned

    A good sales alignment can improve business revenue since everyone share information and support each other goal in the same system.

  • Benefits

    The application can raise the level of productivity to help the sales team can meet the productivity standard that is established by the company.