Sinarmas: P2P Lending Prototype for Integrated Financial Services Company

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Banking & Finance

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Sinarmas is one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia which has numerous business operations in different sectors such as pulp & paper, financial services, agribusiness, telecommunications, and mining. Sinarmas Multiartha has requested WGS to build a prototype peer to peer lending application as a solution for individuals, especially for micro businesses & eCommerce users.

This application connects borrowers and investors directly through the online platform. They don’t have to go back and forth, visiting the bank physically to process the required documents and waste time in wait. The application offers maximum result for the borrowers with low loan rates. Now, this app makes it possible for people to borrow some money simply by sitting in your armchair.

WGS developed the application on top of Java EE version 7 as requested by Client. The application will run on top of an Ubuntu, Apache webserver, Netty and PostgreSQL database. On the front-end, we will use HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Framework and Jquery.

We’d like to share on some of the interesting features

  1. Investor
    Investors can view the list of borrowers in this page and provide lending of 1/3 of the total of their request budget with certain loan rate if their data is complete.
  2. Request a loan
    Borrowers can use this feature to request for a loan after they complete their personal information and input credit items.
  3. Borrower
    These users can request for a loan and see the breakdown list of expected payment required each month and receive email notification for an offline survey to ensure their eligibility as a borrower.
  4. Portfolio
    Users can check the number of loans that have been given either per day, week, month and year. In addition, users can check active funding, funding that you have submitted, funding performance, funding history, and investment returns.
  5. Assistance
    Users can see a list of frequently asked questions related to the application in "Frequent problems" and if the desired help is not on this page, users can click "Report a problem" and report a complaint.
  6. Notification List
    Users can view the track record of activity in the application and get notifications related to loans and activities carried out in their account.


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  • Business Issue

    A business certainly needs fund to operate, and small businesses are looking for more practical solutions to get some loan.

  • Business Solution

    Peer to Peer Lending application offers a viable alternative for urgent financial need and small businesses who don’t qualify to apply for bank financing.

  • Lesson Learned

    P2P Lending could be run well when there are enough investors and borrowers with not too tight requirements to register to the platform. Closed loop P2P Lending is the best way to start P2P Lending business because the investor and platform know best who will borrow from them.

  • Benefits

    The application has an easy and fast online process with low-interest rates and no hidden fees comparing to a loan process in traditional financial institutions.