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The sports industry today is enhancing tight to form a community which can unite fans with the team better. In addition to that, the sports club is also increasing their existence within communities in the sports industry. Building a sports team application is something beneficiary to all members of the community. So, a sports team needs to embrace digital solutions for effective engagement with the fans through an app. This application is considered to satisfy the fan and community with the right content and easily accessible to anyone.

The client is a sports team based in Germany, which wants to develop a good mobile platform for the sports club. The client asked WGS to build an innovative mobile application which can give the fans what they need, whenever and anytime they want. So, this platform offers useful features for the fans, where they can listen to live audio match commentary, get the latest team news, or find out the newest score and rank in the match table. 

The application was built to increase engagement between the club with their fans. Not only that, the club wants to give the fans what they need, when and how they need it. Every fan can use this application easily. It gives fans all the information to the team about the games and the league up to date in the hand.

We’d like to share some interesting features created in this application, as follows:

  1. News
    The fans will find out any information about the club in this feature, such as players daily activities with the club, training atmosphere, player transfers, or prediction of the incoming match.
  2. Live Score
    This feature provides a display of leaderboards and top scorers of the team so the fans can find information on update match performance and results without having to go to the field themselves.
  3. Team
    Here, the fans can view all team members including the prediction of the players' transfer.
  4. Schedule
    This feature displays a month match schedule in one year of competition.
  5. Match Table
    The fans will find information about team position in the match table of the competition.
  6. Statistics
    The updated detail information of team and players are displayed in this feature so the fans can see exactly who is at the top of their game.
  7. Voting
    The fans can vote for the team performance during one particularly matches run in this feature.
  8. Share-A-Picture
    Users can upload their pictures to get involved in the video roll by submitting their name, address and certain message in this feature.
  9. Ticket center and shop
    These are two different features with the same functions where the users will be redirected to the club webpage to purchase any merchandise and match ticket that they like.


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  • Business Issue

    The sports club wants to provide a system to form a tight community that unites the team, sports industry, and also the fans that beneficial for all members of the community.

  • Business Solution

    This is an application where users can find useful information about their sports team and help them thrive within the same community.

  • Lesson Learned

    The application is helpful for the sports club to market themselves better by having an online presence and gives a positive impact on their fans, the sports industry, and the community.

  • Benefits

    The system in this application is equipped with integrated tools to help users engage and interact better with the sports team.