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Visitor Recording System for Property Development & Oil Palm Plantation Company

Solution: Operations
Industry: Real Estate
Company: Private in Indonesia

Recording people’s attendance automatically is required to replace the traditional and manual form filling method. To run the business efficiently, a company needs a good system to monitor people who visit their site such as a garden or a plantation regularly. The recording method that usually practiced back then is by filling the information manually in a paper-based visitor book, however, this method takes time and involves tiresome works. The solution to that issue is by creating an automated system to help the company record a more accurate, secure and efficient visitor data.

The client is an established and respected Malaysian property developer which earned a distinguished reputation in improving people’s lives by building good quality homes, while 2008 marked the expansion into oil palm plantation in Indonesia. The company asked WGS to help them develop a desktop-based guest recording system integrated with the Finger Print and WebCam to record visitor information who visit their plantation.

There are three roles in this system:

  1. Superadmin
    This user is an account who looks after the management of all network in the system, including the create an assignment for user role and access to the features.
  2. Supervisor
    A supervisor is a user with limited access to use the menus and features in the system.
  3. Admin
    This user is the employee of the company who works at the front gate of the plantation area and has limited access to all menus and features in the system.

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

Front-end Feature

  1. Finger scan
    The scan machine will detect whether a visitor is a registered user or not before entering the plantation area. A registered visitor can directly enter the plantation area, while the unregistered user has to fill the registration form in the Guest List menu in the system and will be assisted by the staff.

Desktop (Back-end) features for super admin

  1. Sign in
    In this feature, the user manages the sign-in process such as the email and password validation and authentification for every user in the system.
  2. Dashboard
    The user can filter visitor data in a particular period from the graphics displayed by the system on this page.
  3. Guestlist
    The user can manage the visitor data, including adding and editing new user based on visitor id card, full name, finger scan, phone number, and visitor photo through a camera connected to the system.
  4. Vehicle
    This page displays the data of vehicles that are used as visitor transportation by vendors which can be managed by super admin.
  5. Master data
    This page consists of all visitor data details which is managed by the super admin, including the user's data, the user roles, and access setting and the visitor category page.
  6. Report
    The super admin manages the visitors' data in a certain period, including input visitor data manually when the finger scan machine doesn’t work technically. The data in the report page can not be edited but can be deleted, and super admin can print it out or download it in pdf format.
  7. Notification
    The feature will be used when there is an important message should be delivered to the staff.
  8. Log trail
    This is a page where the super admin can view the users' data history when they use the application and this data can be printed or downloaded into excel or pdf format.
  9. Setting
    This feature displays setting data such as notification setting, password generation for a new user, or changing the super admin password.


Technical Specification:

  • Database
  • - SQL Server
  • Operating System (OS)
  • - Windows Server
  • Framework
  • - jQuery
  • Markup Language
  • - CSS 3
    - HTML 5
    - JSON
  • Programming Language
  • - Microsoft .NET
    - Javascript

  • Business Issue: Good management of tasks and activities in the company operational is one of the keys to reaching the goals in the business, recording guests is one of the menial tasks that would take the staffs cumbersome time to check and track the records for unusual activities.
  • Business Solution: The visitor recording system helps the company to capture data digitally so they can look at the big picture of all the visitors’ data.
  • Benefits: All visitor data is stored in a computer database so that the company can manage it any time for any given time frame.
  • Lesson Learned: The system in the application gives you control over the guests that accessing the company’s property and facilities and keeping it safe and secure.

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