VIVERE Group: e-POS System

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    Private in Indonesia

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    • Wholesale, Retail, Distributor

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A company certainly need a good system to support their on-going retail business process. The need of the Point of Sales system in retail industry is vital because it is the key component of the business and the hub where everything merges. And now the company wants to develop their existing system for better business growth and support the company as the leading organization toward the digital business industry.

Our client, VIVERE Group, is an Indonesian leading furniture manufacturing and retail company, offering modern contemporary pieces with a touch of Asian heritage. They have requested WGS to continue developing their Point of Sales application that’s previously built in 2009 by adopting the e-POS System and implemented SAP system as a company core system to support the business process.

The company will gain many benefits by building this application. It can help VIVERE store sales to speed up the selling transaction process and help the head office team to collect accurate sales data and information.

There are four major systems that need to be redesigned for this application, as follows:

  1. Mobile based
    1. POS System
  2. Website based
    1. POS retail system
    2. POS Backend System
    3. Approval system

New version of PoS development presents some new features, as follows:

  1. Real Time Transaction & Stock
    With the new system, all transactions will be updated in real time without delay, including these activities as follows;
    • Update data about new materials, price changes on product discount or promo; 
    • Stock report. Stock shift between stores. So, the stock shift between stores can be done and updated at the same day with approval from merchandise team;
    • Sales achievement report
  2. Responsive Design
    This application has a responsive website design where the interface is compatible with the user device.
  3. BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up In Store)
    The application integrated and connected with their e-commerce VIVERE and support the process of BOPIS.
  4. Touchscreen Compatible Design
    The application has a user friendly design with touchscreen to support user to streamline transaction time in one tool without using keyboard or mouse.
  5. Sales authorization
    Now sales can make transaction in any stores instead of only assigned in one store.
  6. Product Location Search (Nearby Store)
    There is one special storage location for online store where the online store can see the stocks at the offline store, and the customers who shop online can pick up their products at the nearest stores.
  7. Membership and point reward
    There is a member approval where customers should attach supportive documents such as ID card number etc. Customers can also edit and change their personal data in the site.
  8. Voucher
    Customers can buy voucher online.
  9. Discount and promotion

Here are the old features that's rebuilt in the e-POS

POS System – Mobile based

  1. Login
    User can get username and password by using SSO (Single Sign On) after being registered and authorized by team from the head office
  2. Transaction menu
    There are eight functions featured in this menu, they are:
    • Takeaway sales
      This is a type of transaction where customers can directly take away products that they bought in the store.
    • Layaway sales
      This is the type of transaction where customer have to go through the delivery process because the product is too big to take away.
    • Tiered additional discount
      Sales can give additional discount on the transaction after getting an approval from the superiors.
    • Order list
      Here user can find a list of takeaway and layaway sales transactions.
    • Manual transaction
      When sales conducts a temporary transaction because the barcode is not ready yet.
    • Customer master
      Here user can find store’s customers data information.
    • Material master
      User can view material data that are used for a transaction.
    • Free stock report
      This feature displays free stock data that are available in the store.  Operation menu
  3. Operation menu
    There are two functions in this menu, they are:
    • Target sales
      This feature is used to determine sales target based per store or sales target.
    • Walk in customer (WIC)
      Sales can log down the total number of daily customers who come to the store.

POS retail system – Website based

  1. Login
  2. Dashboard
  3. Transaction menu
  4. Payment menu
  5. Goods movement menu
  6. Report menu
  7. Settings
  8. Other features: SOD and EOD

POS Backend System – website based

  1. Executive dashboard
  2. Master menu
  3. Transaction menu
  4. Report menu
  5. Settings

Approval system – Website based

  1. List approval menu
  2. History



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  • Business Issue

    One of the important thing to ensure the business growth is to make sure the customers are satisfied with the service using good service & operational system to keep them coming back to the store.

  • Business Solution

    VIVERE would like to connect both online & offline (store) customers, so that their customers can make transactions anytime and anywhere with improved service.

  • Lesson Learned

    The system gives the company a better management on inventory, sales patterns analyzing and detailed sales reports.

  • Benefits

    The application does not only streamline business processes with up-to-date info & terms, it also automates sales reporting and analytics so the company can get better data report in real time.