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Project Overview

Manulife Insurance, a prominent Canadian entity within the financial sector, specializes in health and life insurance. Within the Manulife's operational framework, WGS assumes a pivotal role by delivering proficiently managed services to support the internal Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow implementation. 

With a dedicated focus on leveraging BPM platforms, WGS aids in streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of Manulife's intricate business processes. This collaborative effort ensures that Manulife's internal workflows are seamlessly orchestrated, contributing to the overall operational resilience and effectiveness of the organization. 

Furthermore, WGS has demonstrated its technological prowess by developing a video recording application tailored for both agents and customers. This innovative solution has been seamlessly integrated into multiple in-house systems at Manulife, exemplifying WGS's commitment to delivering solutions that align with and elevate the technological landscape of Manulife Financial Corporation.

Here are a few features of the application, as follows:

1. Integration with existing Sales App
This strategic upgrade aims to streamline the sales process, offering a more efficient environment for both sales representatives and potential clients. Key features include advanced prospect management and comprehensive tools for negotiating and finalizing contracts.

2. Video recording
The implementation of a user-friendly method to record and share video content has arisen as a pivotal substantiation of the information communicated by the sales team to the customers. This serves as a critical testament to the thoroughness and efficacy of the sales process, validating that the sales team has diligently discharged their responsibilities. 

3. Sustainable business process integration and automation through BPM platform

Business Issue

In certain industries or business processes, verbal communication alone may not be sufficient, and there could have been a need for a more visual and interactive way to convey information.

Business Solution

The absence of a dedicated video recording solution could have made it difficult for both agents and customers to capture and share important interactions. The need for a streamlined, user-friendly method to record and share video content likely emerged as a critical business requirement.

Lesson Learned

Recognizing the importance of delivering an enhanced customer experience, WGS may have identified the necessity to innovate its communication tools.


A video recording application could address these challenges by providing a platform where agents and customers can easily record, share, and review visual content, fostering clearer communication, better issue resolution, and improved overall customer satisfaction.


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