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Marketing & Sales Monitoring Application for Pharmaceutical Company

Solution: Marketing
Industry: Health Care
Company: Private in Indonesia

The success of marketing is supported by the initiatives to gain significant results based on data. This data is an important key to track and monitor marketing programs to achieve the goal. Today, to face challenges from the market and avoid failure, there is no other way except to embrace knowledge and technology using a good marketing strategy to keep up with the business pace in the digital era.

The client is a long-established company who runs the business in health care and develops a wide range of consumer health products in Indonesia. The company asked WGS to help them redevelop a web and mobile system based on two existing ones that have been used by the internal team into good marketing and tracking and monitoring application. The web backend will be used by the admin, while the mobile application will be used by the supervisor and the sales team. This mobile application is a tool for a supervisor and the sales team to get approval from the manager or the head of division on the running marketing program.

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:


These features below are used by the admin only.

  1. Master data
    A user can view the list of the medical doctors in detail and manage some tasks such as adding new data, sorting, change data, and deleting data on this page.
  2. MD requests
    This page displays Medical Doctor (MD) list added by a user that has been reviewed and approved by admin.
  3. Monthly plan and itinerary
    This page displays the monthly data plan with the doctor’s schedule including the user ID, validation, or notes, submitted by every marketing user.
  4. Call validations
    Here, a user can view and manage the detailed information which contains visiting data that has been done by the marketing division including the signature time, user ID, doctor name, and validation status.
  5. Marketing programs
    A user can find two sub-menus including the programs and games where he can also view and manage the marketing programs list in this page.
  6. Access management
    An admin can specifically manage the access for every role and user including the permission to view, edit, or delete data.


These features below are used by the marketing division or Promotion & Sales Representative (PSR), while the approval provision will be used by the supervisor to get approval related to the marketing tasks from the manager and head of the division.

  1. Home page
    There are two different menus displays that can be viewed by staff and district manager, including the marketing tools, data management, setup Medical Doctor, product targeting, or a proposal for a new medical doctor.
  2. Medical doctor
    This page displays data of doctor’s visit in three different menus which were set up according to the monthly plan.
  3. Check-in
    This is a valid proof of user presence to the visit location which assisted by automatic geotagging from the recent location to the visited location.
  4. My account
    Every user will have an account contains the full name, address, birth date and completed with the profile picture.


Technical Specification:

  • Business Issue: A company needs to show a good impact of spending their money and time by using data analysis to increase business effectiveness
  • Business Solution: This application helps the company to track and monitor the work of a team by using a good system to make it easier for data analysis and evaluation to reach the marketing target.
  • Benefits: Tracking data will show you how marketing is working and see how far the marketing efforts go, so the company can create a more cost-effective marketing campaign to get a better results.
  • Lesson Learned: The marketing tracking and monitoring system gives you insight to create a better marketing strategy to improve sales and leads for the business.

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