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  • ride-sharing-application
    Private in Indonesia
    Ride-Sharing Application for Transportation & Logistic Company

    This application offers a solution for people to share a ride and save the cost of daily transportation and also become an agent of traffic jam breaker in the city.

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  • mutual-fund-investment-platform
    Private in Indonesia
    Mutual Fund Investment Platform

    This is a web and mobile platform where beginner investors can start investing with the smallest amount of money and gain profit or income right from the tip of their fingers.

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  • sport-club-mobile-app-for-a-sports-team-from-germany
    Private in Germany
    Germany Sports Club Official Mobile App for Fans

    This is an application where users can find useful information about their sports team and help them thrive within the same community.

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  • flight-management-platform-for-general-aviation
    Private in Canada
    Flight Management Platform for General Aviation from Canada

    This application provides a system where users can manage before and after flights tasks in general aviation better, with the help of integrated tools to pilots, aircraft owners and organizations.

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  • online-auction-application
    Private in Indonesia
    Online Vehicle Auction Apps for Transportation & Logistic Company

    The application provides a system where users can participate in an auction live and online, or commend their products in this friendly app by using their gadgets anywhere anytime.

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  • sales-monitoring-application-for-building-materials-company
    Private in Thailand
    Sales Monitoring Application for Multinational Building Materials Company in Thailand

    This application provides a system where a company can control and monitor business services and processes to increase productivity.

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