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  • car-rental-app-for-a-car-manufacturing-company
    Private in Indonesia
    Car Rental App for a Car Manufacturing Company

    This application offers a good option for people who look for a beneficial, easy, and fast car rent anytime everywhere.

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  • sinarmas-p2p-lending-prototype-for-integrated-financial-services-company
    Sinarmas: P2P Lending Prototype for Integrated Financial Services Company

    Peer to Peer Lending application offers a viable alternative for urgent financial need and small businesses who don’t qualify to apply for bank financing.

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  • b2b-customer-loyalty-program-to-engage-wholesalers
    Private in Indonesia
    B2B Customer Loyalty Program to Engage Wholesalers

    A loyalty application is a way to maintain and increase customer retention which offers the program tracking and engaging with the customer easily and directly.

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  • bpk-environmental-auditing-web-for-international-government-audit-community
    BPK (Audit Board of Indonesia)
    BPK: Environmental Auditing Web for International Government Audit Community

    The web is a system where everyone can learn & understand specific issues involved in the environmental auditing, including the complete information and experience, guidelines and other informative material.

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  • b2b-digital-distribution-reward-system
    Private in Indonesia
    B2B Digital Reward Distribution System

    Our custom-made application is a solution for the client to provide a better customer convenience and helps the company making a good bond with their B2B customers who tend to expect good mutual interaction and get services with an interesting offer.

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  • airport-shuttle-application-for-public-transportation-company
    Private in Indonesia
    Airport Shuttle Application for Public Transportation Company

    People can move from airport to another places with this shuttle application without losing their comfort or wasting time.

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