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Stock Checker Application for Android Smartphone




Private in Indonesia

Project Overview

Our client Sophie Paris needs an application for their MLM Boutique reseller to check product stock from their mobile phone. WGS developed an Android application that’s connected to Sophie’s stock API. WGS develop the application on top of Ruby version 2.0 and Rails version 4.1. Application will run on top of CentOS, Apache web server, and PostgreSQL database. On the front-end, we will use HTML5/CSS3 + Javascript and Jquery. The deliverable for Android is the APK. The CMS will conduct regular stock updates to the API Sophie. 1. By installing the app. users can easily find list of related products, using autocomplete search field.
2. A tap on the product, adds it into user’s personal product list.
3. Tapping on "check stock" button will update stock status on every product in the list.
4. The backend of this application is easily maintained since the CMS is joined with Sophie’s Offline Catalogue (another software project of WGS & Sophie Paris)

Business Issue

This application was created to allow users to know the status of Sophie Paris’ product stock availability.

Business Solution

A mobile Android application that’s connected to Sophie’s stock API & Offline Catalogue CMS

Lesson Learned

Building an application with customer & reseller in mind can help a business grow and strengthen customer’s brand loyalty.


With one Content Management System (CMS) for Sophie’s admin to maintain connection with their Reseller, work are done more effectively. Reseller are also helped greatly when they need to restock their favorite items with this application.


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