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Services That We Offer

From IT strategy consulting and comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions, Intellectsoft delivers a full-cycle software development services that adapt seamlessly to your project requirements and business needs.

How to get started with the Service

Our core competence is in web-based software and mobility. Complemented with additional expertise on A.I., Big Data, and IoT, we can help you succeed. You can engage us on a project-based or extended team manner to ensure fast innovation.

Aware of your Goals

We are eager to hear your story, what's keeping you up at night, your ideas and vision, and how we can help. We will dig the requirements.

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Expect a Proposal from Us

For development request, once the scope of work is understood by both parties, we will estimate the effort and provide you with a solution proposal with a fixed budget and deadline. Or, if you prefer, we can do agile enhancement service with more flexibility in the scope of work.

If you're looking for a managed service support for your application, even if it's built by another software house we can help you too. Once we inquire further and get a clearer picture of your application, with the prerequisite preparations completed we will send the service proposal too.

Enter a formal Contract

Once you conceptually agree, we sign a contract. Always know you are in good hands. We have been here for 12 years and still growing quickly, thus you can be rest assured we can support you long-term.

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Implementation Starts

On project-based service by default WGS will perform a pre-development analysis, consistent progress demo, professional change management practice, testing based on a thorough test plan document - including security and performance tests, and guide you through UAT. Ultimately, our proven processes mitigate risks of delay and remove risks of project failure. You can get all of that too with the agile enhancement, if you request for a complete team.

To Ensure Successful Product Delivery, We divide the Project into several phases


In development phase, the work will be divided into smaller chunks called sprints . Each sprint is handled in an agile manner that allows us to mitigate risk of delay in delivery.


Business continuity guaranteed. Project knowledge is owned by at least two people. Couple that with our scalable talent platform, your project will be safer with us.


Featured Project

Digital Signage Marketplace Platform for LED Billboard Company

digital signage platform, digital signage marketplace, digital advertising, videotron, digital signage software, digital signage outdoor, digital signage display, digital signage solutions

Distributor Management System for Consumer Goods Distributor Company

distributor management system, ERP system, Odoo opensource, distributor management system software,

Digital Bank Mobile Application for Singapore Multinational Banking Company

digital banking app, mobile banking app, digital banking android, digital banking ios, digital banking Singapore, mobile banking app for Singapore,

P2P Lending App for a Finance Technology Company

p2p lending, p2p lending app, peer to peer lending app, peer to peer lending investment, peer to peer lending for investors

Customer Credit Application for Government-Owned Bank

credit application, housing credit, mortgage application, housing application

BPMS to Boost Efficiency of State-Owned Health Insurance Enterprise

business process, business management, business system, health insurance service, BPMS, process management system

Attendance Management System for Telecommunication Infrastructure Company

attendance management system, telecommunication company, telecommunication infrastructure

Exam Preparation Test Platform for a Publishing Company

exam preparation, exam test platform, school examination

Kopnus - P2P Lending Application for a Union Organization

peer to peer lending, p2p lending, p2p lending application, cooperative organization

Marketing & Sales Monitoring Application for Pharmaceutical Company

tracking and monitoring app, tracking system, monitoring application, marketing strategy

Loyalty Program Application for Restaurant Chain

loyalty program, restaurant chain, loyalty application

Reward Program Application for Convenience Store Chain

reward program, customer loyalty progam, customer loyalty

Visitor Recording System for Property Development & Oil Palm Plantation Company

visitor recording system, guest system, property development company, oil palm plantation company

Sales Report System for Motorcycle Distributor

sales report, sales report system, automotive manufacturing

Motorcycle Dealer Performance Monitoring Portal for Automotive Mfg. Company

performance and monitoring app, monitoring application, sales tracking application

e-wallet Application for Convenience Store Chain

e-wallet, e-wallet application, e-wallet convenience store

Ride-Sharing Application for Transportation & Logistic Company

ride sharing, sharing cost app, mobile sharing application

Mutual Fund Investment Platform

mutual fund investment, investment platform, online investment

Germany Sports Club Official Mobile App for Fans

sport club mobile app, sports team app, sports application

Flight Management Platform for General Aviation from Canada

flight management platform, general aviation application, flight application

Online Vehicle Auction Apps for Transportation & Logistic Company

online auction, auction application, live auction application

Sales Monitoring Application for Multinational Building Materials Company in Thailand

sales monitoring application, sales force automation, building material company

Car Rental App for a Car Manufacturing Company

car rental app, manufacturing company, car manufacturing company

Sinarmas: P2P Lending Prototype for Integrated Financial Services Company

lending prototype, integrated financial services company, services company, financial services

B2B Customer Loyalty Program to Engage Wholesalers

customer loyalty program, wholesalers, loyalty program

BPK: Environmental Auditing Web for International Government Audit Community

environmental auditing, international government audit community, audit board of Indonesia

B2B Digital Reward Distribution System

customer loyalty, reward system, digital distribution, b2b customer

Airport Shuttle Application for Public Transportation Company

airsport shuttle application, transportation company

Content Hub Software for Multinational Electronic Manufacturing Company from Singapore

content hub software, content hub, content marketing

Komatsu: Drawing Management System for Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

drawing management system, military equipment manufacturer, document management system

Academic Information System

academic information system

Gramedia: Corporate Website for Publisher of Children & General Books

corporate website, children and general book publisher

Super App as One Stop Solution for Traveling

platform app, one stop solution traveling, super app

UMG: ERP System for E-commerce Marketplace

erp system, ecommerce marketplace

Marketplace and HR Application for Bank's Additional Service for SMEs

marketplace, hr application for banking, banking industry, banking additional service

Access Gateway App. for Public Wi-Fi & IP Camera

access gateway, free wifi, ip camera, access gateway app

VIVERE Group: e-POS System

e-pos system, odoo

PT Timah: e-approval Payment Application

kecak workflow, e approval system, payment application

Super App as One Stop Solution for Entertainment

super app, one stop entertainment solution

Kredit Plus Mobile, The Mobile Loan Application

kredit plus mobile, mobile loan application

Elnusa: Recruitment System for Energy Services Company

recruitment system, bpm, recruitment application, elnusa

Live-Entertainment Event Ticketing Management System

ticketing online, event ticketing, management system, live entertainment

Kreditplus: Social Media e-Commerce Application

social media, e-commerce application

Gramedia: Marketing Automation for Publishing Company

marketing automation, publishing company

Astra: Leads Management System for Prospective Customers

leads management, leads management system, prospective customers

Effective Product Display Auditing System for Consumer Goods Company

product display auditing, auditing system, consumer good

Kreditplus: eForm for Financing Company

eform, online filling

Food & Restaurant Website for Guide & Reservation for Telecommunication Company

food and restaurants, food guide, reservation

Recruitment Management Application for Japanese Car Spare Parts Manufacturer

recruitment management application, human resources, management application, erecruitment, e-recruitment

Mobile Banking App - Virtual Branch

mobile banking app, virtual branch, ebranch

B2B eCommerce for Distribution Company

automation, online ordering, products distribution

E-commerce marketplace for Electronic Products Trading

e-commerce, marketplace, trading, electronic, electronic goods, electronic products

Internal Banking: Bank Customers Blacklist

blacklist, app, financial app, web app, bank blacklist, bank blacklist app,

Virtual Banking Web Application

banking, virtual banking, web app, web banking, banking application, virtual branch,

Komatsu: Sales and Stock Monitoring Web App Solution For Heavy Machines Retailers

web app, sales app, stock monitoring, software, machinery, heavy machine, troubleshoot, manufacture, field support app,

Komatsu: Web & Mobile App Solution For Heavy Machine Troubleshooting

mobile app, web app, software, machinery, heavy machine, troubleshoot, manufacture, support, field, field service app,

Smart City Mobile App Solution For Property Developer

android, app, mobile app, smart city, custom software, smart city app, application, tech, ios,

Card & EDC Payment Processing Web Application

payment service provider, web application, EDC system app, gift card system, third party payment app

Software To Help Agriculture Industry (Web And Android App)

software, agriculture, android, karsa, website, farmer software, agriculture software, harvest prediction

App. To Support Customer Health Program For Adira Medicillin

Adira, Medicillin, health, insurance, customer, relationship, management, .NET. consultant, software, custom

Improvement On Mobile E Money Application

e-money, e-cash, digital money, android, ios, banking app, banking mobile e-money

Customer Portal for Lease Financing Company

customer portal, leasing, finance company

Batch Reengineering on EOD Credit Check Application

eod credit check. credit check application, eod credit check application, eod credit check software, credit check software

Unilever Unite: Social Media App To Unite Company Employees

social media app, unilever, ios, android, corporate news, community app

Trikomsel: Repair Order Management Software

repair order management, electronic repair management, repair service management, electronic reparation

Nutrifood: Document Tracking Application

document tracking, document tracking application

Membership System for Corporate MLM (Multi-level Marketing)

MLM system, Membership, pharmaceutical, bonus calculation, corporate, CakePHP

Unihealth: Ecommerce Customized For Corporate MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

ecommerce, unihealth, soho global health, mlm, tracking member point, CakePHP, PostGre, ecommerce connected to ERP, custom software, webapp

Stock Checker Application for Android Smartphone

stock check for distributor, store stock check application, mlm stock check, reseller stock check application

Innovative Corporate Website For United Tractors, Heavy Equipment Company

Astra, United Tractors, company website, investor, mining, plantation, construction forestry, transportation

ERP For PDAM (Regional Drinking Water Company)

PDAM, ERP, webapp, customizable ERP, dynamic, BPPSPAM

Nutrifood: Mobile Software for Business Intelligent Decision

business intelligence, microsoft bi, android bi, middleware nutrifood bi, enterprise bi, enterprise business intelligence

Distributor Management System for Manufacturer's Connection with Overseas Distributors

Distributor Management System, ERP, import, distributor, middle asia, export,

Nutrifood: Microsite for Corporate Gathering

corporate gathering microsite, corporate gathering solution, corporate gathering, hr program, hr tech solution, human resources program

Website for Survey Institute in Asia

Asia Foundation, Polling Center, pilkada, pemilihan umum, election, survey, PHP, laravel, webapp, custom software,

Komatsu: Financial Consolidation Software For Rental Sales Company

Komatsu, Finacial Consolidation, Heavy Equipment, Multiple Company, Financial Report

Sophie Paris Mobile Catalogue With Locator Feature

Mobile, apps, sophie paris, sophie martin, catalogue, digital, location, MLM

Job Seeker and Vacancy SMS Match Up

sms job lookout, sms job vacancy, unique job vacancy media,

Functional Upgrade of Financial Software on IBM AS/400

ibm as/400, functional upgrade of old system, functional upgrade of legacy code

The Asia Foundation: API for Government Election

indonesian election api, indonesian election repository, api for election, government election api,

Fashion & Style Platform

fashion social media, fashion ecommerce, lookbook app, mobile lookbook, south korea fashion app

Android Salesforce Multi-Client

salesforce, mobile sales, sales automation, mobile crm

Crew Management System

freight shipping crew management, shipping crew management, crew management system,

Nutrifood: Health Information Center

information center, Health Information Center

Nutrifood: Sales Promotion Girls (SPG) Management App

spg management app, spg management

Regional Entertainment Information Portal

media website, news website development

Nutrifood: e-Commerce Web Application for Multiple Brands

ecommerce, nutrimart, brand ecommerce

HIS: Hotel Booking Web App

hotel booking

Leo Burnett: Responsive Platform for Marketing Campaign

marketing campaign, microsite,

ITHB: Smart TV E-Learning on Samsung TV

smart tv elearning, elearning, academy institution

Elnusa: Framework Development Consultation

framework consultation service, internal communication platform, work order distribution, task distribution central

Nutrifood: Daily Exercise Guidance App

Daily Exercise Guidance App, LMen Guidance app, exercise app, LMen, fitness app,

Gramedia: Self Publishing Platform for Aspiring Writers

Gramedia, Self Publishing Platform

Nutrifood: Easy Market Research with Easy Online Survey

market research, survey website, consumer survey web app,

Nutrifood: Android App. for Work Order Distribution

task distribution, aplikasi surat perintah kerja, work order distribution

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