Design Services

Collaborative approach to working with clients
Our design team is design studio within a large software company that will help you build an engaging product easily and quickly.

Design Services

Scale Up Your Team

Our team tailors our design services to your company and its unique needs. That’s why you can customize every feature of our services to your company, products or services, and goals. The result is a design needs that your company — and your visitors — loves.

We stay on top of current design trends and concepts, aiming to be ahead of the curve while also implementing classic design principles into our work.

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Why Choose us

With more than +15 years of experience, WGS is one of the most experienced design companies. Our expertise, as well as our passion for web design, sets us apart from other agencies. Plus, our experience demonstrates our ability to learn and adapt to the latest industry standards.

Our designers are work as an extension of your team, learning your business, goals, and vision for your design needs. The result? A designs that captures your company down to the last detail.

How We Works

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Our Design Services

  • Branding & Identity

  • Website Design

  • Mobile Design

  • HTML & Responsive Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Infographic Design

  • Icon Design

  • Social Media Design

Advantage of Design Services

  • 01.
    Qualified and Experience Designer

    Our highly experienced and qualified designers hands-on experience in cutting-edge tools ensure the measurable results and finest web designs.

  • 02.
    Striking Design

    Being the IT company Indonesia, we possess the expertise required for creating striking and eye-catching graphical designs for flyers, brochures, flexes, advertisements, Emailers and many more.

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    Client Centric Design Services

    By clearly understanding the marketing requisites and objectives of your company, we provide you the most stunning graphics incorporated with creativity and innovation.

  • 04.
    Improve Usability

    Our interactive designs created with emphasis not only on the visual appeal, but also on the functionality deliver improved usability, and increased brand cognizance.

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