Project Based

Consult Your Project Development
Your website & mobile app is arguably one of your most important business assets. We’ll help you make informed decisions in building your web or mobile app.

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Project Based

With WGS fixed-budget delivery, client does not pay for delays.

Consult & build all kind of custom made apps. For your company's promotional, operational, and human resource needs. Since we have built hundreds of software and apps, it's likely that we can immediately demo similar to what you have in mind.

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How We Works

  • 01.

    Our presales team will help in both business & technological term to propose the best solution for your business goal. Starting by understanding the goal through continuous discussion with your stakeholder & gathering related documents.

    Documents Provided

    • Terms of Reference (TOR) Draft oR Software Requirements Specification(SRS) Draft
    • Mockup
    • Official Quotation
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  • 02.

    To build mutual understanding of the application that will be developed, we will prepare an SRS Document as written blueprint of the app . The document will show detail on information regarding application features based on TOR.

    Documents Provided

    • SRS
    • Timeline
    • Test-Plan / Use Case
    • Technical Documentation
    • etc.
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  • 03.

    Team Relationship Model

    Business continuity guaranteed. Project knowledge is owned by at least two people. Couple that with our scalable talent platform, your project will be safer with us.

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    Inside the development phase, we are working with WGS modified Agile Methodology.

    Software Development Life Cycle
    After we have finished with initial development, the implementation went through several phase / period.

  • 04.
    • Internal Testing Checklist
    • Final Technical Documentation
    • UAT Record of Transfer, signed (Berita Acara Serah Terima, BAST)
    • Official mail entering Support Phase
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Team Members:

  • Front-End Developer

  • Back-End Developer

  • Mobile Developer

  • Designer

  • Project Coordinator

  • Engineering Manager

  • QA Officer

  • System Admin

Advantage of Agile Development

  • 01.
    Ensured Project Continuity

    Most programmers rarely stay for many years, and the attrition creates unnecessary headache. We will help your project with a good programmer, with no risk of attrition and other common human resource problem. Our company solid growth track also ensures sustainability.

  • 02.
    Technical Support

    We have a large community of 130+ developers that turned into a forum to help solve customer's business problem. We strive to allow tech-enabled innovation to happen.

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    Best-Practice Software Engineering

    We applied our technology expertise experience with standardized quality, regardless of assignee. Proven to surpass technical expectation of Western tech companies. Here's an overview of our standard:

    • Automated test script
    • Browser compatibility check
    • Repository server
    • Project management tools
    • Performance and scalability Security
  • 04.
    Only The Best Engineers

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    Professional Delivery

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