Quality Assurance

Improve the apps quality through professional testing services

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Quality Assurance

Improve the apps quality through professional testing services

Testing is the process to ensure applications or websites meet general or specific quality standards. Finding no errors doesn’t mean the application is bug free. Method, techniques, and testers are the key of success in testing process.

WGS Quality Assurance services will help clients to have a quality application or website using best-practices methods and techniques and capable testers. This service can be individual QA officer or teams.

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  • Client signature on SPK / Agreement
  • Short brief about the project / apps that consists of the description of the project, purpose of the project, target user, and integration to internal system (if any)
  • Client will need to assign one PIC as communication channel to Client’s teams

How We Works

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  • Report


  • Traceability Matrix

    Traceability Matrix (TM) is a table to track and verify the fulfilment of requirements

  • Release Notes

    Test summary in the end of sprint used as a reference for tasks that have passed the test by QA

Advantage of Quality Assurance

  • 01.
    Best-Practice Testing Methods and Techniques

    We applied our expertise experience with standardized quality. Here’s an overview of our standard:

    • WGS Standard Validation
    • Traceability Matrix
  • 02.
    Capable Tester
    • We provide dedicated and experienced tester in developing application or website
    • Our tester give you idea or suggestions that improve your quality software
    • Beside following the WGS standard, our tester also think outside of the box to found the bug
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