Technical Writer

Improve your business or operation with software blueprint tailored for your company as a basis of system development

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Technical Writer

Improve your business or operation with software blueprint tailored for your company as a basis of system development

This product aims to map Client's business process according to the specifications and requirements needed in the application that will be made later into SRS document. The process starts from Requirement Gathering with several Interview sessions to the user and decision maker (Steering Committee) / Product Owner from the Client.

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  • Client signature on Scoping product proposal / SPK from Client
  • Short brief about the project / apps that consists of the description of the project, purpose of the project, target user, and integration to internal system (if any)
  • Client will need to assign one PIC as communication channel to Client’s teams

How We Works

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Technical Writers Deliverables

  • MOM/Minutes of Meeting

    MOM for every discussion by chat / phone / video call / direct meeting

  • SRS / FSD / BRD / Blueprint document

    SRS / FSD / BRD / Blueprint document (if not finished completely in 3 months, the contract will be extended, but development could be started based on the finished blueprint and the blueprint will consist of minimum 2 - 3 milestones or months of development)

    • Will adapt BPMN 2.0 but not all of them will be implemented, just a few that WGS classify as important for development process based on WGS' experiences
    • Flowchart for all business processes
    • User Stories / Use Cases (detail explanation of flowcharts)
    • State Diagram for every User Stories / Use Cases
    • Activity Diagram for every User Stories / Use Cases
    • ERD / database design
    • Class diagram
    • UI/UX Storyboard
    • Mock-up and/or design
    • Traceable Matrix (if needed)
    • Priority of development or Roadmap (if needed)
  • BAST

    BAST for every module

Team Members:

  • Business Analyst

  • Designer

  • Project Coordinator

  • Lead Developer

  • QA

Advantage of Technical Writer

  • 01.
    System & Business Proven Expertise

    Have insights on system / business operation with proven expertise and experience

  • 02.
    Save Cost

    Save cost, because not all problems / pain point could be solved by building system / apps, sometimes it only just need simple tools to answer the problems

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    Full Control of System Development

    Have planning and full control of system development which comply with company workflow / procedure

  • 04.
    Business Roadmap Goals

    Creating Roadmap for system development based on Business Priorities and Goals

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    Sometimes it will need opinion and contribution from end users so in the future there will be no hassle while adapting to the system or developing the system and we will make sure end user will have contribution in the system planning by doing interview / brainstorming with the end user