Managed Service

Run Your Application with Peace of Mind.

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Managed Services

Run Your Application with Peace of Mind

Our team consists of experienced and tech-savvy developers. We can help you to maintain your application professionally, just to make sure your business running well to make profit.

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  • Client signature on Scoping product proposal / SPK from Client
  • Short brief about the project / apps that consists of the description of the project, purpose of the project, target user, technology and integration to internal system (if any)
  • Client will need to assign one PIC as communication channel to Client’s teams

How We Works

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WGS Manage Service Expertise:

  • Android Application

  • IOS Application

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Middleware

Or You can choose full system support

  • Infra

  • Network

  • Apps Source

Advantage of Managed Service

  • 01.
    Proactive Support on Business Hour

    We will maintain your application with proactive on business hour that make your business run smoothly

  • 02.
    SLA to Meet

    Our team work under SLA to support your application and ensure your Business is doing well

  • 03.
    Expected Performance to be Tracked

    You can track every single ticket in Project Management Tools and we will provide reporting file every month, so you have no worries in your Business

  • 04.
    Interactive Helpdesk

    We provide an Interactive Helpdesk that will help you to communicate with our Costumer Care

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  • 05.
    Knowledge Base Library

    We will help you to transfer knowledge in the end of Managed Service period, with the Knowledge Base Library the process will be more easier for your internal team to handle the application in the future

  • 06.
    Support for Every Application

    We can support for all of your application even if the application is not our product

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  • 07.
    Root Cause Analysis for Non-Intermittent Issues

    To help you understanding the issue, we will provide you Root Cause Analysis for every Non-Intermittent Issues

  • 08.
    Suggestion Plan

    While Supporting your application we use monitoring tools, app performance tools, code quality standard tool, and code security hole tool just to make sure your application run in good performance. With that tools we can provide you suggestion plan for improvement and infrastructure recommendation

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  • 09.

    During no issue report our team can provide you functional test and basic validation, or help your team for stress testing in 1 API/functionality which is considered the most heavily accessed